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Tactical Analysis

I wanted to line up the 1980s national team with a tactic that partly resembles Italy’s mixed zone in 1982 and partly a kind of modern 4-2-3-1 with three number 10s, inspired by Brazil in ’70. The right-back is more restrained, Scirea plays as a sweeper, the German Foerster as a pure marker, while Brehme has more freedom on the flank, covered by Rijkaard. I give the three number 10s maximum expressive and movement freedom in a sort of fluid offensive football that recalls the 1970 champion Brazil.

No name stands out more than others, honestly, unlike other decades. There are many excellent goalkeepers, but my preference goes to the Soviet Dasaev, considered by many as Yashin’s heir.

Honestly, the only indispensable one is Scirea, a defender (or rather, player!) of absolute level, to whom even Maradona willingly yields the captain’s armband. He is the team’s first brain and is licensed to “break free” to help the team in non-possession. Alongside him, I choose Karlheinz Förster, a world-class German stopper, excellent athletically and in positioning. To complete the defensive package, I choose a marking full-back like Gentile – among the best ever with his characteristics – and Andy Brehme, an extraordinary interpreter of the full-back role.

I admit I had a bit of a headache here.
In the 80s, there are three absolute level number 10s, namely Maradona, Platini, and Zico, and honestly, I couldn’t leave any of them out.
So, I found a kind of balance, inserting two more defensive midfielders inclined to sacrifice like Rijkaard and Falcão, to give maximum freedom to the three in front, who continuously move and swap positions to avoid giving reference points. In terms of imagination and talent, I believe it is one of the best midfields in history.

 Van Basten has to be the starter. I’m sorry to leave out Kalle Rummenigge, but to field a midfield like this, I had to sacrifice a piece, and the choice fell on the German.


OVL Total Sum: 2161

OVL AVG: 90,03

AVG Heights

Goalkeepers: 186,5 cm

Defenders: 178,3 cm

Midfielders: 178,3

Forwards: 179,8

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