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Tactical Analysis

On paper, the team lines up in an asymmetric 4-3-3 formation. The team plays an expansive and offensive style of football, with zonal marking, building from the back thanks to the vision of Beckenbauer and Figueroa, and alternating play on the flanks with surges through the center.
When not in possession, the team transforms into a 4-4-1-1 formation, with Blokhin and Kempes dropping back as wide midfielders, Cruyff as a roaming attacking midfielder, and Gerd Mueller up front.

 Dino Zoff is undoubtedly the GOAT of the decade. Close behind is Sepp Maier, the bastion of Bayern in those years. Others follow.

The back four is a mix of athleticism, charisma, and individual skill. It is likely one of the most well-rounded and globally competent defensive units of any decade considered. The central defensive pairing consists of Franz Beckenbauer (the best European defender of all time) and Elias Figueroa (the best South American central defender of all time). With great technique, defensive abilities, charisma, and speed, the two form a wonderful duo. On the right is Carlos Alberto Torres, the captain of Brazil’s third World Cup triumph, a modern, technical, and powerful attacking full-back. On the left is Ruud Krol, much more than a full-back, an absolute level defender capable of excelling in any defensive role (in Napoli, he played divinely as a libero).

The three midfielders I’ve chosen have entirely different characteristics and tasks. Their versatile and eclectic nature makes their game construction unpredictable and creative. Neeskens and Cruyff, in particular, have a magnificent understanding: they played together at Ajax, the national team, and Barcelona, and know each other by heart. Neeskens primarily has defensive duties and plays horizontally, recovering balls, helping the team in non-possession phases, and pushing forward thanks to his shooting abilities. Cruyff plays as an all-around midfielder: he acts as a playmaker across the field. Rivelino is a more classic number 10, with tasks of game construction at the heart of the midfield.

There were various combinations here, as we have both more classic wingers (like Dragan Dzajic) and wide forwards who love to cut towards the goal (like Kempes or Blokhin). With Gerd Mueller as the striker, the ideal would be to have two more classic wingers, but in reality, I made the opposite choice, using all the arrows in my quiver. Thus, the attack is made up of a classic number 9 and two wingers/wide forwards who love to attack the goal, creating more dangers.


OVL Total Sum: 2151

OVL AVG: 89,62

AVG Heights

Goalkeepers: 186,5 cm

Defenders: 176,5 cm

Midfielders: 172,5

Forwards: 175,5

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