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I am a classic football fan.
In the past years I have created legends databases for Football Manager and other football games.

Everything you see on the site reflects my knowledge and my opinion which, needless to say, is by no means perfect.
If you find any errors, inaccuracies, missing players or have any specific request please contact me here

Overall Rating Explained

A player’s overall rating is an approximate average of many factors, including:


Sum of Technical, Physical, Mental and Tactical Skills



Continuity of performance at high levels over the years


A player's national, continental and world reputation


Important Games

Ability to make an Impact under pressure in important matches


Ability to make an impact in different environments (clubs, national teams, leagues, etc.)



Individual and team awards (Balon d'Or, Best Player, Leagues, Cups, etc)

Skills Explained

The overall values you find in the macro categories, as shown above, hardly ever represent the average of the values entered below.

This is because I have given a different “weight” to each value depending on the role.

How quickly the player is able to reach his top speed

The ability to rapidly change the position of the entire body

The ability to maintain balance when coming into contact with other players

How high a player can jump

Natural Fitness
How fit a player is. The higher the value the less a player will be prone to get injured

Rapidity of movement over medium and long distances

The higher the value, the more likely the player will win a physical challenge

The ability to sustain prolonged physical effort

Ball Control
Refers to the skill of the player to controll the ball

Speed, effectiveness and variety of dribbling

Free Kicks
Power, precision and technique of free kicks

Indicate the accuracy of the player’s headers

Long Passing
Indicate the accuracy of the player’s long passes

Shooting Accuracy
How close a shot is to the desired point of impact

Shooting Power
How hard a player can kick the ball

Shooting Technique
The player’s ability to shoot in unfavourable situations or from difficult positions

Short Passing
Indicate the accuracy of the player’s short passes

Defensive Positioning
The ability to be in the best defensive position against opposing attackers

Off the ball
How well a player can assess a situation and move off the ball, making himself available to receive a pass or score

How well a player follows tactical instructions and works for and alongside his teammates

The players ability to read how the game is going. Defensively it’s his ability to intercept a pass or make time is tackle to perfect; offensively is how well the strikers will anticipate the defenders

A player’s mental focus and attention to detail. A high concentrated player will react better under pressure, make better judgement calls and won’t make many mistakes

How likely the player is to perform consistently on the pitch

A player’s commitment and hunger to succed both on and off the pitch

The player’s ability to influence players around them on the pitch, having a positive effect on them

Refers to a player’s ability to spot a potential opportunity. The awareness of knowing what is happening around him on the pitch

A player’s ability to put the ball in the back of the net when presented with a chance

How well a player sticks close to his direct opposition in defensive situations

The ability to make a clean sliding tackle at the right time wihout committing a foul

How well the player will be at winning the ball cleanly without conceding fouls

The goalkeeper’s ability to catch the ball

The goalkeeper’s coverage of the goal and size of the area in which he can make saves

The accuracy of the goalkeeper’s kick off

The ability to choose the right position on the goal line according to the opponent’s attacks

The player’s ability to make quick reaction saves

Rushing out
The higher the value the more the goalkeeper will choose the right time to rush out the goal

Please note that the skills I have used (not the values entered but the name and type of skills) are inspired by several football games and simulators, including: Football Manager, Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA, etc.

Playing Styles Explained

  • Aerial Threat

    A player who often wins aerial combats and is good at heading the ball with with power and accuracy

  • Beast

    A physically powerful player who often wins physical battles with opponents and is difficult to take the ball away from.

  • Charismatic Leader

    A point of reference on the pitch, a leader who influences the performance of his teammates

  • Clinical Striker

    Usually a lethal striker in front of the goal who rarely makes mistakes and has excellent finishing skill

  • Complete Defender

    A complete and versatile defender, good at both defending and setting up the play thanks to a good technique

  • Complete Midfielder

    A complete and versatile midfielder, with good stamina, solid technique and the ability to move off the ball

  • Engine

    A player with great physical stamina, able to move around a lot on the pitch for the full 90 minutes of the game

  • Free-kick Master

    An effective free kick specialist capable of hitting the ball with power, effect or precision. Has a high scoring percentage

  • Midfield Maestro

    A player with excellent vision, great tactical intelligence and good technical skills

  • Power Shooter

    A player (defender, midfielder or forward) capable of hitting the ball with great power

  • Speedster

    A player with great speed over both short (acceleration) and medium (pace) distances

  • Trickster

    A player with an excellent technique, great creativity and the ability to beat opponents thanks to his dribbling skills

My Sources

Player Pictures

All player photos belong to 3D PES faces made by talented facemakers.
I have contacted many of them and got their permission to use the pictures, from some of them I did not get a reply.
Some of the faces used are low quality, and I apologize for this: unfortunately it is a difficult task to find HQ pictures for all players.

They are constantly updated and improved.

Here is a list of the facemakers:

Mincho Sheen
Vn Huy Bui

Elias Figueroa by DNA I
Player Videos

Since February 2024, I have been slowly implementing embed videos that collect goals or skills of the entered players.

Most of the videos come from the Barbosa Fútbol Videos page, which I thank for the support which I thank for the support and highly recommend you visit because it contains so many great videos of soccer legends.

How the Search function works (new instructions will arrive soon)

It is currently not possible to carry out a cross-search or an single skill rating search.
This function will be implemented in the future.


You can sort the players by name, main position, overall, club, nationality and skills. Simply click on the criteria for which you want to sort the player.

You can also search for players in a more specific way, as in the example.

If you type in “Italy Defenders” (or “Brazil Midfielders”, or just “Midfielders” or “Sweeper”, or “Manchester United”, “Brazil“, or “Beckenbauer”) the search will automatically show you specific players, which you can then sort as shown.