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Tactical Analysis

The team lines up in a very interesting 4-2-4 formation on paper. The drive on the flanks is ensured by Facchetti (while Schnellinger is more restrained on the left) and by the wingers, both of whom are offensive and support the striker duo. Suarez and Charlton have the difficult task of providing balance to a team that would otherwise be too forward-heavy.

The English block of Banks-Moore-Charlton is intriguing – thanks to the creativity of Suarez and the other players, it ensures both pragmatism and great creativity.

An interesting department. Banks stands out above all, closely followed by Mazurkiewicz and Albertosi, a goalkeeper who I believe is underrated but highly talented.

In defense, there’s a lack of a natural left-back, forcing me to shift Schnellinger to the right, even though he performed best on the left or as a central defender.

It’s a pity to leave out Rivera in midfield, but his physical and technical characteristics would have forced us to radically change the formation to support his features: I preferred to opt for a dynamic, reactive, and energetic duo.

An incredible department. Pelé and Garrincha have an amazing understanding, and together they have almost never lost when wearing the national team jersey. Best may not have the longevity of the others but has an incredible peak and insane talent, and in my opinion, he must be included, even at the expense of a great like Gigi Riva.


OVL Total Sum: 2152

OVL AVG: 89,66

AVG Heights

Goalkeepers: 186 cm

Defenders: 184 cm

Midfielders: 176,5

Forwards: 174,7

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