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Tactical Analysis

For the 2000s decade, I’ve chosen Ancelotti’s Milan-inspired “Christmas Tree” formation. The team focuses on controlling the game pace, enveloping opponents with extended ball possession, then swiftly transitioning forward through Pirlo’s long balls or Xavi and Zidane’s through passes. Carlos and Lahm add width, while dynamic forwards like Sheva and Titi Henry bring unpredictability from the midfield onwards.

Gigi Buffon, undisputedly one of the greatest, known for his exceptional talent and consistency.

An Italian core with Buffon, Nesta, and Cannavaro, complemented by Lahm’s tactical intelligence and Roberto Carlos’s physical dominance.

There might be a lack of a traditional defensive midfielder, but the intent is to take a bold approach. Pirlo plays as a deep-lying playmaker in front of the defense, with Gerrard acting as the team’s powerhouse on one side and Xavi orchestrating the play across the field on the other, a role he excelled in at Barcelona. Zidane assumes his most natural position as a classic attacking midfielder behind the strikers, where he can leverage his game vision, passing skills, and ability to communicate with the team.

Henry and Shevchenko were chosen for their unpredictability and ability to initiate plays from afar, complicating defensive marking and finishing with precision.


OVL Total Sum: 2168

OVL AVG: 90,32

AVG Heights

Goalkeepers: 192,2 cm

Defenders: 179,3 cm

Midfielders: 178,7

Forwards: 182,0

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